A Wider Area


Spurred by a recent finding in quantum physics that atoms can be in two places at one time, A Wider Area is meditation on the parallel nature of physical and virtual space. In his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (first published in 1964) Marshall McLuhan speaks of the machine as extension of the body: “Today, when we have extended all parts of our bodies and senses by technology we are haunted by the need for an outer consensus of technology and experience that would raise our communal lives to the level of a world-wide consensus.”[1] A survey of two spaces, the film was made in Paris using a VHS camera to shoot a laptop screen which was receiving the visual data through video chat from mobile phones — one in Paris and one in New York. Once the footage was edited, the file was exported and uploaded to a server in New York, where it is now streamed. The interlaced footage of the two separate spaces blend together seamlessly, although they were and still remain subject to occasional disturbances by the numerous technologies mediating their relationship. The title, A Wider Area, is derived from the definition of “extend.”

[1] Marshall McLuhan. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. (Berkeley, Gingko Press, 2011).

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